Another office meeting led me to make some observations whilst the ‘blah blah blah’ was going on up front.  The seed had been sown the other morning on the way in to the office.

A girl walking across my path was wearing a particularly nice and shortish skirt which hung off the hips. Underneath was what I’d say was a pair of tights.  How nice for women to be able to feel so free and cool I thought. But I countered that (I have no urge to be fully cross dressed or out as such) with my own observation of how nice and cool a pair of shorts is.

But it had got me thinking about gender descriptors and boundaries and so back to the office ‘blah blah blah’. As I looked around, I observed several girls wearing trousers. Sure – there were skirts and summer dresses but so too were there trousers.

When did it become socially acceptable for women to be able to wear what they want and it be ok and why is it oh so not acceptable for men to be able to feel comfortable in a skirt etc without stares, nasty comments etc?

The main problem I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) is the struggle with and the ability to ‘pass’.

I’ve read and follow the odd blogger who agonised to various degrees about being cross dressed in an ignorant world and I feel for them.  I’ve equally read the odd blog or two where the author has been overjoyed at having done a very good job.  I guess you have to be comfortable in your own [insert descriptor here].

In a previous blog I think I said something about how I would hope I’d react if I was in the same place as a trans person.

I was some way up a train carriage a few weeks ago when a woman came from the other and sat herself down further up and on the opposite side.  Our eyes met briefly but in that split second, so much information and sensation wafted around.

I felt sure she was trans but I didn’t stare as I said I wouldn’t in a previous blog. She was evidently worried about what I might have ‘outed’ (?) but all I felt was love and warmth in her direction – I bet that’s a rare thing for anyone trans out and about – but unfortunately if only she knew and there was no time for me to maintain eye contact a little longer and smile appreciatively and warmly.

Perhaps that might have been taken the wrong way…this is a sad reflection on modern society when people are defensive from the off fearing persecution by default – there are though some folk out there who understand more than you think but they’re probably few and far between in the main.