It has to be said that I don’t often crossdress at weekends.

I used to.  Oh good grief I used to.  I used to milk every single opportunity when the house was empty, weekdays and at weekends, frequently keeping an eye on the clock, knowing the usual time by which I’d need to have everything ‘just so’ again and making sure in very good time usually.

But with plenty of other things to do at weekends (as there’s no day job at weekends!), and a bit of cessation of all things crossdressing over recent months (and comparatively – this year too), I just haven’t crossdressed at weekends – until last weekend.

It occurred to me that after my last session, the black lacy g-string had been thrust into the hidey-hole with the new black lacy hold up stockings (and needed filing away). Additionally, hidden away in my own little playground, door shut, house empty, my thoughts turned to the ‘other’ hidey hole for my tight fitting pink lace outfit with the thick black suspender straps that I blogged about a few months ago.

I was in the same room as both the stockings and the pink outfit and with just a tad of argumentation squabbling somewhere in a dusty corner of my mind, I adopted yet another ‘what the hell’ attitude and on it all came.

Having wrestled with that dratted web cam once too often whilst on-line going on and off more times than a light switch, it occurred to me that the cable on the end of the web cam has an extender and it is the extender connection that is loose fitting.  No matter, I put my theory successfully to the test, ditched the extender and played on.

The exceedingly skimpy pink g-string accommodates me when flaccid but gives everything away with it.  With no heels on this occasion, almost imprisoned in my own playground (although I left only briefly to put away the wife’s never used lacy black g-string from the last outing), I strutted, cavorted, teased and posed as those before me sought a little more excitement that I was demonstrating.

Some very welcome compliments and appreciative, understanding comments came through the chat window at times as those who’d gone quiet for a while conversationally, took themselves off to read my blog and then came back to offer some warmth on what is clearly my addiction, but their entertainment.  I found myself apologising to some folk at times as my determination NOT to cross dress in recent blogs was made to look somewhat ridiculous given my blatant appearance on cam in my one and only personally owned tight fitting pink lacy outfit.

However, remaining fully aware of the weekend timescales by which time I would no longer be alone in the house and would need to back in ‘civvy street’, I took a somewhat daring decision to firstly ask, then strip naked on cam, pink lacy outfit, then, slowly, the black stockings, throwing them teasingly at the camera, leaving me in just the skimpy g-string which also went eventually.  Oh I can be a cam slut at times – it seems, yet chatty and quite ordinary with it.  Yes, there were a few moments of borderline excitement at times in between but I knew when I had to go and I made my excuses to those with which I was chatting privately.  On the main chat window, the ‘others’ suggested how much more sexy it would be if I was getting excited whilst still IN the outfit.  Again, I made my excuses to them and jettisoned the assembled few away dismissively with the X in the corner.

I’m now beginning to feel less guilty over such exits as I know most folk don’t bat the proverbial eye-lid and merely seek another stimulating view on-line of which there are many,  But as I ask folk to be polite (Ps & Qs) to me, equally so, I like to respond with honesty and consideration when it’s time to go.

I mulled over the period of crossdressing on and off for the remainder of the day and if truth be told, I don’t really know why I did cross dress – but I did.

I know that it is highly likely that I will crossdress again, yet, at the moment, it isn’t helping all things considered.  Truth be told, I need to quite literally leave the lingerie hanging up (or in my own case, hidden away), concentrate on the things I continue to neglect, eat a little bit of cold turkey if necessary, prioritise and be what I’ve commented on already – something to debate at least – that being ‘a better person’ whatever ‘better’ might mean.