Reading the blog of Dirty Tranny Girl on the subject of having a body wax led me to such a reply, I decided that it probably warranted my own comments on the subject.

My journey towards a full body wax was probably launched for two reasons, one the official one, the other not so official.  The official line, yet a quite truthful one is that I really do not and did not like being hairy.  Practically every part of my body had hair swarming all over it.  Don’t get me wrong, I was no ‘yeti’ (although I frequently compared myself to one due to my frustration about it), but in addition to it being horrible to look at, it was hot, it was sweaty, it was frequently uncomfortable and I just didn’t like it.

The other unofficial reason was that the whole lingerie crossdressing look was far better with a nice smooth body unspoilt by hair, here, there and everywhere, nice – en femme, something my slim body appears to demonstrate well when it’s not largely hirsute.  And the speed at which my hair grows would, if there was such a discpline, be a Gold Medal winner.

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of one’s self and as I’ve grown older, I’ve been doing just that. I’ve worked out regularly for starters, but the obssessive compulsive in me clearly identified a desire to be hair-free like the day I was born!

I think the first attempt, one which lasted for quite some time, was having a shower and shaving.  I know what you might be thinking – how hard can it be to shave one’s body smooth?  Well, in my case, think of the job as something compared to hacking your way through an overgrown garden untouched for years, an Amazonian rainforest perhaps.  It took an age.  60? 90 minutes?  I don’t know but I must’ve lost so much time every so often, shower running, shaving cream constantly on the squirt, blade working away endlessly but gosh, I must have been clean!

Having eventually got tired of emerging from the shower like a shrivelled steamed prune, I identified some male grooming gadgetry available and invested some money in a body trimmer.  Sure – it worked but it only cut off the hair at skin level – and my hair would set world records for the speed at which it grows, so I was soon back to the hairy monster I concluded myself to be.  Psychologically, this wasn’t good for my well being either.

Next up, I had been shopping on line and had stumbled across a product of wax strips and wax you heat up in a microwave.  Yes – a do-it-yourself waxing kit for men, but probably men who wanted to merely tidy up a particular area.  For a start, once I’d heated up the wax in the microwave, by the time I’d left the kitchen to find somewhere more private to then get cracking, the wax was not at the right temperature.  A ‘how to’ guide just didn’t cut it for me.

It was on a run-of-the-mill shopping trip with the family that I spotted a salon tucked away in my home town which, amongst its many services, advertised those for men, generally speaking, a ‘Men’s Room’.  I think I’d been searching around for something on line without finding anything that seemed to feel right.  Still, having chanced across this particular place, and having said nothing at the time, only making a mental note to self, I found a moment a few days later whilst at work to ring up and make a few enquiries about this and that, cost, how to start etc, when I could make an appointment.

The fact that it took me a long time to get through told me this was a good place yet the fact that I couldn’t get through easily was also a source of frustration as this really did seem THE way to go hair-free.  However, I did get through eventually and I was instantly made to feel at ease, not pressured, instead warmly welcomed.

The initial frustration was that I couldn’t get an appointment quickly and had to book in.  However, a facility which is well booked up speaks volumes about its reputation and quality of service, so having contented myself at the progress I’d made towards becoming more frequently hair free, I counted down the days until I had my first appointment.

To cut a long story short, I was allowed to find my own comfort zone over the first few appointments, starting gently with only partial waxing, keeping some clothes on until the point where I am now, periodic appoiontments, where it’s a case of simply getting naked as the day I was born, getting flat out and having a full body wax – that’s it.

So, what is the result of all of this?  Well, my life seems to revolve around my appointments, I’m frequently counting down the days until the next one.  Irrespective of the reasons I am fully body waxed as detailed above, there is another.   The time I’m in my little retreat, is my time – quality time – me time, good time. peace, tranquility, soft lighting, nice music and when I come out afterwards, I’m quietly content at the more tidier, more well maintained me, for however long it lasts – usually around two months on a regular basis.

Which brings me back to my webcam sessions dressed up in whatever lingerie takes my fancy.  Frequently, the conversation comes around to how I look the way I do.  Some ask whether I am naturally hair-free whilst others ask whether I shave.  As far as I remember, no-one has ever asked if I wax, either myself or whether I get someone else to do it for me.

Even with sexual deviancy prevalent in the tone of webcam appearances, and the fact I have been crossdressed in lingerie, such points of discussion, call it direct questioning if you like, don’t even contemplate that I might be waxed to any extent.  I have had to tell folk that I am fully body waxed and more importantly, that it is done by someone else.

However, making such an admission lights a proverbial blue touch paper discussion-wise.  Does it hurt?  Who is the person who does it?  Are they male or female?  Young or old?  Does anything else happen?  And probably the most taboo question of them all on the subject matter.  ‘Do you get hard?’  ‘Do you cum?’   You can just imagine the other party’s imagination not so much running, more being rocket-propelled away.

Of course it hurts.  You’re having your hair pulled out by the root.  I wouldn’t say that I have a strong pain threshold, but this is a case of mind over matter.  I know what I want doing.  I know why I want it doing.  I know I really want it doing but I know it’s going to hurt so I’m happy to deal with the way I feel.   And (wash your mouth out!), in all honesty, it really DOES help if you can get some wood (as they might say in adult movie-land) or get at least a partial erection.  When that little chappy is flaccid, everything is concertina-style.  Tighter, tauter skin and with it, a more erect penis DOES help stretch the skin out and enable more hair to be removed quickly.

Trying to think nice thoughts to help can be quite a challenge when you manage it, only to then lose it when the hair is ripped out.  The warm wax will either be a huge turn on when it is added or you’re also thinking ‘Aaaaarrgh’ and that’s before the wax strip is applied and then removed!   If you like a little pain, I guess you’ll find a full body wax, particularly in intimate areas, easier to deal with.

But for anyone contemplating being waxed by someone else, here lies a few home truths. Yes – it hurts but for a full body wax particularly, your body is busy dealing with what’s happening to it all by itself and there’s not a thing you can do about it.  For a start, you’re largely if not fully naked and it may not be too warm outside let alone inside.  You may, like me, not exactly be carrying too much luggage if you know what I mean, so there’s little to keep you warm.

Your pain receptors are on max, your adrenaline is working to deal with what’s happening, and there’s a strong chance that if you’re under the weather, your body will deal differently with what’s happening to it.  Your core temperature will drop, you may get the shakes and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it.

Most importantly, anyone worth their salt in such an intimate matter (it’s probably THE most intimate you will ever be with another person other than your partner) will know the danger signs in advance, and will be keeping a constant check for them and monitoring how you are whilst they go about their business on your business.  They will also know when it’s time to stop for the time being and pick up the rest at another appointment.   Think of the insurance and legal implications for starters!

If you’re fit and well, then you might not feel the pain as much and you may well get through a full body wax without any problem.  If you’re in anyway slightly off-colour, tired, run down etc, don’t be surprised if you suffer a few uncomfortable moments and your pain threshold doesn’t seem quite as good as it might have been before.

Search online and you may well find bad news stories on the subject matter.   Call it research if you like – but it’s not something I’ve read up on to be honest.

Other pitfalls? Ingrowing hairs – a bitch but I quite enjoy getting them out, however, sterilise the area if you find one yourself.  If the person waxing you finds one, anyone worth their salt will sort that for you with the right equipment and accessories.  Maintenance wise, shower with an exfoliating glove and use the stuff you can buy in pump pots that kills germs for hours upon contact with your skin – never mind your usual shower gels, lotions and potions. It’ll help remove weak hairs, enable hair growth coming back to protrude out and not grow in and help keep your skin even more smooth.  Then even after that, moisturise!  There’s nothing wrong with a nice bit of naked man grooming!

If that STILL hasn’t put you off having a full body wax, then you’re probably in the same mindset as I was – wanting it for a number of reasons, being prepared to go through what you have to in having it done (sometimes patiently) and most importantly, be at a place which respects you and cares for you and your health and well being and isn’t just in it for a fast buck.   It really does have its benefits – as many people have told me – not that I don’t already know myself.

All those questions shown in italics above and I’ve not answered most of them.  That’s probably for a number of very good reasons.  Ask me on-line some time.  I may just answer one or two dependent on my mood.