GLAnother post? So soon?  Indeed.

This evening, I took it upon myself to while away a few moments and carry out a somewhat random search for my en-femme name just to see what came up (so to speak).

Merely searching for ‘GerryLynn’, I was suddenly confronted with the meaning of it courtesy of (for what it’s worth) the Kabalarians website but also my own ‘logo-ised’ name, which naturally, I’m happy to use with credits – thanks!

Putting aside the fact that there’s probably a ‘sell’ in there somewhere, I read with great interest what it said about ‘me’ and semi-revelled in how true it was at least in part.

Now, if I’m honest, I’m not into horoscopes or tarot readings or Gypsy Fortune Teller whatshername at fairgrounds, and I suppose it could be fair to interpret that most things like that happen to fit most people at one time or another, but in any case, here’s what it said:

Your name, Gerrylynn, makes you expressive, versatile, and generous. You long for change, travel, new experiences, adventures, and meeting new people. Being independent, you like to make your own decisions and to occupy positions where you can express creatively and personally, free from monotony and limitations. You will not tolerate situations where your independence is curtailed or where you are being criticised.  [Er..I can take criticism – I’m my own worst critic!] Naturally competitive and quick thinking, you excel in arguments and debates [I’m inclined to beg to differ with that – I don’t usually -I’m not necessarily quick thinking enough!]. Injustice and repression motivate you to right the wrongs of others.
You are spontaneous and impulsive, embarking upon many activities, but often failing to finish what you start once you lose your initial enthusiasm. Your success is limited for, though you will work intently as long as an activity holds your interest, once the work becomes routine, it seems boring and monotonous, causing you to look for something new.
Your tendency to be positive in opinion, outspoken, and self-centred has resulted in misunderstandings and friction in your undertakings. [Er..] Criticism from others only makes you feel rebellious and repressed. [I can’t say I’ve noticed]. You love surprises, and usually jump into an undertaking without any premeditated plan, working things out as circumstances arise. Seldom do not you start anything in the same way twice, nor do you like to adhere to any working plan. You could be inventive and original in the dramatic, artistic, or musical fields.
Often when you are drawn into helping others you can be too easily influenced as a result of your emotions overwhelming your analysis and better judgment. You tend to do to excess whatever you like to do, until boredom sets in. Outdoor activities or sports could provide an outlet for your boundless energy and restless qualities. You find it difficult to relax until you reach the point of exhaustion.
Your intensity must have a constructive outlet; otherwise, pent-up repression and frustration could lead to uncontrolled emotional indulgences and experiences which could bring nervous indigestion, ulcerated stomach, or moods of depression with very morbid, destructive thoughts.

I must take issue with the finale of that little summary.  I must have always had a constructive outlet for my intensity, as I’ve not suffered any nervous indigestion, ulcerated stomach or moods of morbid, destructive depression – unless you consider previous purges as ‘destructive’, but otherwise, there probably was some pent up frustration that led to emotional indulgences and experiences – I crossdressed!

But all in all, it’s not a bad reflection of the real me, but clearly, also (according to this website at least), my alter-ego.

So, having done Cynthia’s 100 questions, I’ll turn the table a little now and encourage you to search out the supposed meaning of (if you have one), your ‘other’ name.

Have fun and do report back!