Firstly, a little bit of an update and a little pointer towards me asserting a little more control than I have done of late.   I have occasionally anguished over spending too much time getting in front of my PC and webcam which is not entirely a case of crossdressing for me, more so perhaps pointing to inner insecurities of which I have yet to understand.  Either that or I have extreme exhibitionistic tendencies I have yet to rationalise and accept.

More recently, I have had the mindset to dress in an underwear outfit of my choosing and then get on with some other things covered up in long legged pyjamas and a dressing gown.   The other night I did just that.   Home early, I elected for a recently forgotten but remembered silky blank cami-suspender with gold clasps.  I remembered about it via some rather bizarre route and hunted it down in the wife’s wardrobe.

Because the wife doesn’t have any kind of affinity with suspenders, the detachable straps had been long since removed and put in a little soft bag in her lingerie drawer, never to see the light of day unless I was sorting through it in private, hunting out the other straps for the other outfits for which the same had applied.   I think I’d previously concluded that a rough hand (not by me) had snapped one of the hooks to which the suspender strap had been removed from this particularly recently recalled black silky cami-suspender.

The investigative side of me one day not so long back ventured to verify.  Infact, no, the loops at the bottom of the cami-suspender were intact.  The other beautiful thing about this particular outfit is that there is some padding in the breast area, but not entirely stitched in – it is almost as if it was designed for breast forms to be inserted.  Cold breast forms inserted therefore don’t have any impact other than enhance cleavage and feel gorgeous.

Anyway, back to the other night.  The mundane journey home had led me to plan a dress up session in that outfit, but my mind is becoming transfixed with my breast forms, which sit so nicely in one of the wife’s unused bras.  My breast forms are 38c and so is the black lacy bra which fits me like a dream.   It is SO nice to be happy in knowing one’s size having pondered over it for some time.

On came a suspender belt, lacy g-string, and having sifted through three pairs of stockings, one a 10 denier, the other two being from the trusty home and hardware store, I pulled on the 10 denier somewhat sheer supermarket purchased stockings only to find a ladder.  They had to go.  Still, on with one of the other pair – only to find that they’d seen better days.   On came the third and final pair to complete the dress up.

Only that wasn’t it.  The other day, I had in fact opened the wife’s wardrobe and decided, much against anything I’d ever done before, to pull on one of her party dresses.  Over a bra and breast forms giving me a prominent, eye catching shape, and feeling the swish of the material around my legs, this was something of an experiment.  I also lifted the skirt of the dress to reveal the lingerie beneath in front of a full length mirror which was more than intoxicating.

I had previously only claimed to be a lingerie crossdresser but in a process which appears to be self-feminising over a period of time, and having seen visual stimuli, this was something I had time to do again the other night.  A total of three or four outfits were pulled on over the top, appreciated and taken off fairly swiftly afterwards   I am now, it seems, open to further crossdressing, whilst still so focussed on lingerie only.

I considered that I might, one day home alone, spend a little more time in such an outfit under which lingerie hides.  I also reasoned that, in a hurry, being in an outfit may well be very difficult to get out of that alone, before the lingerie has even been reached.  Further levels of crossdressing is one for the box labelled ‘experimentation’ and at a very safe convenient point.

Anyway, having pulled on PJ bottoms, socks to hide the stockings and a dressing gown, I vowed that I would go on line, switch on my webcam, and having inserted my forms into the bra as part of the dressing process, opened my dressing gown to expose the bra and breasts, positioned the camera, pointed the glare of the desk lamp to diffuse the evident hair growth and merely got to work, chatting with folk occasionally but getting some other desk work done.  I say ‘some’ as, although I was sitting there just showing my bra and breast forms, there were the odd few requests to flash a little more, which I duly did of course!

However, when it was time, I said my goodbyes, covered up and spent the rest of the evening dressed but covered up until it was time to de-femme (if that’s the word) ahead of no longer being home alone.

And so to today.   Today, I vowed that I would be dressing for work in the same bra, suspenders, stockings and g-string combo, minus the breast forms, for a day underdressed at work.  An invigorating day of being dressed and feeling the bra wrap around my upper chest and back, the occasional necessity to reconnect a stubborn, arguably ill attached in the first place suspender strap, but otherwise, merely enjoying the cossetting feel of lingerie under my male office attire.

Women do not know how lucky they are to be able to wear such things every single day!

Anyway, there’s another blog along shortly…there’s someone I want you to meet…