I was home after another day at work.

I was soon in the bedroom and undressed.

The cardbox box was hacked open, the packing removed to reveal a plain white box within, only slightly branded.

The sealing sticker circles that covered openings appeared far too stubborn, but with persistence, one was eventually picked open.  Inside, the cage was well wrapped in tissue paper, tucked down the shaft.

With the cage, there was the ring.  I quickly fathomed that both the ring and the cage seemed to be the right size – for once, I’d guessed something correctly.

A small rectangular shape, again, tissue wrapped but stuck down, sat nearby – the padlock.

The fitting of the ring, cock and balls threaded through, was eventually completed – metal striking cold after the box had been stored in the car for more than a few hours.  The ring sat close to perineum beneath the balls, and just above the shaft, which seemed to have become stimulated all by itself, and there then being some trouble adjusting mindset in order to fit in, the shaft, in that state of semi-erection, eventually fitted fully in to fill the available space.

The fitting of the cage to the ring, sliding it over the protruding bar, was being hindered by swollen and in the case of the balls, retracted tissue., but with a bit of prodding and poking, one piece of metal met with the other.

A quick test of the padlock and key to assure that it was in working order was completed and the padlock was fitted and locked on, conveniently at a time when I was home alone for a time anyway.  It seemed OK to proceed.

Body warmth ultimately warmed the metal to temperature and all felt fine.  The g-string worn for the day was put back on but it struggled to accommodate everything now being asked of it and so was quickly discarded, a dressing gown thrown on instead.  As I moved around, the padlock clinked on the metal of the cage in such close proximity.

Then, came the knock at the door – a late postal delivery!

I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt, and answered, the padlock still giving what, to me, was an audible clinking on the cage, yet slightly more restricted and muted due to the close proximity of the material around it.

It wasn’t long before the delivery had been accepted, the door locked again, and, having returned back upstairs, discarded the clothing, put the dressing gown back on again and began posting two previously written entries, and then, as it was convenient, necessary and overall, desired, this, the third blog entry of the day.

I paused for a moment to check the existence of one of the padlock keys which I had threaded on to a ring on a bunch of keys to life, keys to this, that and now, very clearly, the other.  After a short while, I used the key to unlock, and then lock the cage back up again, as if some further reassurance was needed.

I am then, for the very first time, in self-inflicted chastity, albeit of my own control, for what will probably be the weekend – and that is very thought provoking indeed.  Whether there will be any lingerie and crossdressing added to this already heady mix remains to be seen.