Note: NSFW / adult content / sex

I have a vivid imagination.  But the question is – is the following blog entry based on fact or fiction? You decide.

It has come close before, but more recently, it was the closest ever with the same and only man who can genuinely and justifiably get intimate with me.  I will not go into detail but let’s just say that, other than some one way foreplay in my direction, nothing close to penetrative sex had reciprocally happened or indeed anything mutual for a while now, due to their own personal commitments which I respect and understand for a multitude of reasons.

I suppose that, in the time that I have been visiting this person, this person has helped me find an inner self, one never having been averse to learning new things and even trying them anyway.   There was a point in time when I would have never considered any form of sex with any other person (nor for that matter crossdressing), but this person has become a confidante and friend.  What happens there – stays there.

In short, whilst undergoing an intimate wax, a request to get slightly excited to help with hair removal, coupled with the application of cream, and the other person’s more overtly sexual and daring frame of mind it seemed on this occasion, led to more direct and advanced foreplay and having admitted that I’d respected their previous declarations of intent to behave themselves so to speak, I allowed the situation to progress, a creamed finger, slipping down between my legs and beginning to work my hole and perineum, as well as my hardening cock as I lay flat out on the treatment table.

With wanton abandonment, and evident release, it was as if he had been somehow freed. His trousers were soon down, his cock erect before me.  I contemplated for a moment as to whether I should before thinking ‘what the hell, why not’ and outstretched an arm to bring his cock to my hand, as things began to heat up.  It wasn’t long before he said how good it felt as I worked the shaft, reminding myself of techniques I had somehow picked up.  I also contemplated bringing his cock to my mouth as I done only once before a few years ago, much to his complete surprise back then, before ruling it out on this occasion.

At that point, I gently said, revelling in and relishing the moment somewhat, as to how long it had been since we last had such intimate fun together.  I reminded him of how the last time had unfolded in front of a full length wall mirror – that being a largely unexplored, but nevertheless remaining kink.   One thing led to another and it wasn’t long before I was facing that very same mirror and he was behind me, my naked body allowed to be caressed from close up, played with, teased, used, nipples tweaked, cock and balls played with from between my legs and around my arguably vulnerable naked torso, me soaking up every shred of imagery put before me, somehow surprised yet thrilled that the image I was seeing reflected before me in the mirror was very much happening, and I was yearning for it to continue.

From behind, I felt his cock hard up against me, against my bum cheeks, and more frequently between my legs, slotting it through and stroking across my perineum.  At one point, he rested down on the corner of the treatment table – and I felt his more masculine body strongly pull my slim, slender, smooth body backwards and down, me feeling sure that his cock tip had begun finding its way to my hole and was beginning to probe, something I’d never experienced before.

I didn’t want it to go any further, yet somehow, I did.  At this point, as the energy and heat soared, I somewhat casually admitted my anal virginity but of use of sex toys, an admission which appeared to be much to both their surprise and delight.

Somehow, yet somehow not, right there, right then, I was up to be right royally virginally and at long last – finally – fucked.

But the inner mindset told me that I shouldn’t allow it to happen for a million and one reasons – it doesn’t take a fool to work those out.

One of those reasons was, in the heat of the moment, acknowledgement of an apparent lack of contraception, not that there would or should be in such an establishment and on that basis and given how things were at that exact moment, nor was it even relevant for me to take the time to somewhat blatantly and provocatively ask for it, seeing that hurdle as the right, proper and responsible way, knowing deep down that, I should not allow myself to be fucked, casually or otherwise, certainly not without protection.

Really, that was the thing that seemed to stop things from progressing in that way, coupled with their own clearly declared intention and loyalties to resist easily fucking a slim, virginal, and above all evidently potentially available and willing kinky man who was standing naked, creamed up and smooth bodied before him.

It was made clear to me, that penetration was not something that he was working towards, although I could only conclude that it was extremely close to happening with ease as the situation raced away from us as both enjoyed that intense period of mutual sexual pleasure.

They were, it seems,  just exploring boundaries, albeit very closely though, yet I also wanted more of it, whatever it was and wherever it took us.

Briefly and suddenly, a quantity of ejaculate powered out of my cock and splashed across the floor.  Eager to avoid the moment coming to an abrupt end, I reassuringly pledged, much to their delight, that it was not the end.

Hesitating for a brief moment, he soon reached across and deftly swept up some oozing semen from my cock with a finger and brought it to his mouth, tasting it before telling me how good it tasted.

With an apparent additional green light shone to continue with whatever was going off, positions changed and we stood closely, in each other’s personal space, face to face, hard cock to hard cock, his hand frotting both together for a few minutes.  I placed an appreciative, arguably encouraging hand warmly and calmly on his shoulder as the action continued.

The urge to reach a climax ultimately proved too much and I pulled away before bringing myself off, clearly in his eye-line, another load of warm cum erupting all over the floor, some having cascaded down my fingers, me reminding him that I had said that there would be more cum which was, I thought, actually quite good for me!

This overtly sexual act before him set my man-to-man partner towards his own climax, eventually unable to control his urge, shooting jets of cum across the top of the treatment table.

Once done, he soon began the clean-up, grabbing some towels before kneeling on the floor before me to sweep away my load, then whisking the cum soaked cover from the table, me feeling somewhat dominant that he was doing what he was doing, yet also embarrassed that I was not doing the job myself.

After he left the room, I realised that there was more still to be done to clean the floor and I finished the job to the satisfaction of my own conscience before dressing and leaving, looking back briefly just to remind myself of what had just happened, that it had definitely happened and wasn’t a dream and telling myself how close and how hot it had been.

The electricity of the situation we had collectively experienced left me elated and him evidently exhausted from his own shuddering climax, admitting to struggling to stand and walk as we parted company.

Body waxing continued, another appointment a week or so later, at which it was acknowledged that no bodily fluids had been exchanged on that occasion, that is to say, it not necessarily being the case on a future one…