In my last, very recent blog entry, I said that I had become unsettled.

In that blog, I referred to instances that can unsettle me, put a proverbial shot across my bow and put me about as close to the precipice of doom, stress and loss as you could possibly get.

The alarm bells sounded loudly this morning after I heard the other half cursing at the inability to stream a programme on the TV. The long and short of is that I sorted it and she was able to get on with her binge watching of something or other.

A short time later, I had cause to venture in again to find the TV showing some family photos as a screensaver whilst the show being watched was paused.

From here, I am fairly sure that I was NOT really listening to what I was being told, my thoughts instead spinning like a fruit machine wheel before finally stopping on something that might not be satisfactory and requiring another spin.

Firstly, the TV viewing device was new – brand new – and I’d not selected any alternative to the standard non-descript screensavers provided by the manufacturer.

In short, whilst the other half had been chatting on the phone, the TV device had been scrolling its way through the cloud photos. Ever the pessimist, cynicist and long term strategist as a closeted crossdresser, I was in dread fear of something coming up on that screen that I’d carelessly allowed to be uploaded.

Showing audible surprise at the familiar images on the TV, I pressed the ‘pause’ button to return to the TV viewing app being used and, adjudging that there was nothing to worry about, re-entered the correct level of conversation, brought it to a conclusion and returned to the home office to continue the day job.

Only I didn’t instantly continue the day job.

Pessimism, and cynicism in abundance with an added shot of paranoid, I instantly logged into my cloud storage account from which those TV screensaver images were being drawn. Thus began a general scrolling through and, whilst I was at it, the odd deletion of things that were no longer needed and/or weren’t in need of back up in the first place.

Now, the general practise of uploading from my secret folder on my phone is to:
1) Switch off WiFI (the setting being only to back up on WiFi)
2) Export secret images from the secret folder to the main gallery on the phone
3) Edit them using the app itself and then add a watermark
4) Upload to Twitter
5) Delete unedited photos from phone, including recycle bin
6) Move edited photos back to the secret folder
7) Switch WiFi back on.

(If that is of any use to a fellow closeted crossdresser in a similar predicament, you’re welcome!)

Anyway, as I was saying, a general scrolling through continued without any problem. It was not until I was some way down the screen (going back in time), that I was suddenly confronted with two images of me, provocatively positioned, wearing my blue halter neck cami-suspender outfit with black lace-top stockings and in some form of chastity.

“S#!T” I quietly said to myself as I quickly checked behind me for signs of a presence, before firmly deleting the two errant images from the list and the ‘trash’ box to make sure they had been permanently deleted. I’d seen enough – I didn’t need to look closely or for any longer than a split second to take action.

What had happened? Well, first, the images, lower down in the archive, and therefore older, were from a time when, clearly, I had not been meticulous enough with the process. They might have been from the time they had been taken, they may have been more recent – I didn’t care one iota. The urgency was to just get them deleted.

Mission accomplished. It’s lucky that I did check the cloud storage – and I will say that I checked it up and down, several times just to make sure because there was a danger of the image coming up at some point, today or in the future.

That reminds me, I think I’ll just go and adjust that screensaver. Irrespective of my ‘general practise’, there is a need to stop that alarm from sounding.