It wasn’t long after the salon session in which I was (finally) fucked and broken in that I found myself back for the follow up appointment. My life revolves around each one.

Previously, I had been made aware of a sample case in the US where a motorist had died after a salon appointment having suffered a delayed but adverse reaction to a full body wax whilst behind the wheel and crashing his car.

This had meant that, for legal reasons, any reputable salon would then adhere to industry and insurance guidelines and break a full body wax down into two separate sessions. I remember being quite frustrated by this when told some years ago, because, other than one occasion when I got the shakes, I had been perfectly OK having a full body wax all in one go.

The bad news was softened by being told that the need to break it down led to more frequent sessions at the salon. Every cloud has a silver lining!

I digress.

As I recall, for my next post-fuck appointment, I stripped and assumed a position of some sort on the treatment table to indicate that I was ready for the waxing upon his arrival into the room. No doubt.

Pleasantries have long been the order of the appointments. How are things with him? How are things with me? You know the stuff. Chit-chat but nice with it.

These days though, sex talk soon arises and the memories of him fucking me last time were still very fresh and were therefore discussed at this appointment.

This man had previously declared where he would and wouldn’t go sexually. He definitely would not suck anyone else’s cock but his partner’s. Historically, he had said that he wouldn’t fuck me but then again, more recently, he’d also previously told me that he *would* fuck me given the opportunity.

Reflecting back on him having taken my anal virginity bareback a few weeks previously, he had equalled the score in my mind. As he took me last time, I’d asked him whether he was fucking me even though I knew he was. My question at the time was merely because I was in denial that it was finally happening and I couldn’t believe it under the circumstances, not that his cock was so small in my tight, increasingly less virginal ass, that I couldn’t feel it. I certainly could feel it and I loved, relished and treasured it.

My slightly disjointed and misplaced comment was merely accepting and acknowledging that I was, at last, finally being fucked.

At this next appointment though, he evened the proverbial score in my mindset by stating that he didn’t quite know why he broke with his determination and broke me in.

Part of me was massively disappointed, wondering and therefore doubting whether it would happen again or whether it was, for him, a regrettable one off, whilst the other half of me was totally respectful and understanding about what the statement intrinsically meant. I also relished having done enough to turn him on that meant he couldn’t resist fucking me last time following the most submissive and erotic period of foreplay, the level of intensity and intimacy of which seems to increase every time I’m at the salon.

The conversation moved on but remained on the topic of sex – specifically involving me. He made a point of praising his sub by stating how good it was that I had let him fuck me and how very far I had come in my sexual development and continued to go since my first ever appointment so many years ago.

My likes and fantasies were discussed after he made a point of saying that he needed to ensure that my previously declared fantasies were realised at some point. He reiterated the option for being involved in an after hours group massage session which usually led to consensual sex for some and voyeurism for others and when I could, in theory, be group fucked, spit roasted and pig roasted – the latter being a new term for me which I duly enquired about. Every day is a school day!

He also talked about the option to invite other men in to the treatment room or for me to join their session.

The jury remains out on those options, largely over my own fears of confidentiality breach by them but most definitely not by me. But it is not a ‘no’ or ‘never’, just ‘not now’. How I would be if the opportunity presented itself, I do not know but I might well embrace it.

Anyway, back to where I was – busily talking through my darkest fantasies including being carefully, gently and considerately group fucked, bareback, filled both ends and covered with multiple loads of semen like a fuck toy and cum dump but not in an abusive or degrading way.

I also talked about how I would want my consensual sex partners to be hair free, and retrospectively, I suppose this is to remove some vestiges of evident masculinity from the situation.

He responded by quickly discounting one proposed individual due to their hirsutedness but instead, settling on another for his submissive to entertain in his own mindset.

With my waxing complete on that occasion, largely unbeknown to me, my uninhibited, open and detailed sex talk had caused his cock to both harden and strain in his undies under his jeans, but he had also begun to leak pre-cum.

He undid his trousers and got his cock out, unable to take the restriction any longer.

My interest was piqued but I’d assumed, from my flat out, relaxed position, often with eyes closed or looking at the celling, that he had reached around for some oil to cause his cock to so blatantly and evidently glisten, but his confession that he was very wet indeed and leaking with pre-cum as a result of my explicit sex talk had ignited the carnal instinct within me in an instant.

I was soon up to his cock to wantonly suck him and taste his juices. I probably wasn’t being as careful with what I was doing but I acknowledged that more care was needed as I worked.

I turned on to my side on the treatment table to take his cock more fully and easily into my willing mouth. He moved a pillow under my head like a considerate lover to make his submissive as comfortable as possible.

His hands were roaming around and caressing my naked body, tweaking nipples, grabbing my head and hair, reaching between my legs to slip fingers in to my no longer virginal hole to vigorously finger fuck me whilst I plunged eagerly back and forth on his cock.

I signalled that I was receptive for more by spreading my legs as I submitted further, one levered into the air. After some minutes, as I lustfully bent over him and sucked his shaft, he brought me off over the side of the treatment table and moments later then came all over me.

A brief clean up ensued between us whilst the events that had just unfolded were celebrated and relished and with that, he left, I dressed and left the room and premises – but not before arranging the next appointment and another opportunity to relish.