I’m a family man, a busy man, a loving man, but a man who has secretly and discreetly dressed up in lingerie on occasion for a number of years.

What a rollercoaster, a necessarily secret one.  I have had no wish to fully crossdress, wear make up, go transgender, or go out publicly dressed in anything other than men’s attire, albeit possibly with something that may be hidden beneath that only I knew about.

There has however been and remains a desire to crossdress in lingerie, which peaks and troughs – massively.

The tempation to crossdress has been halted for almost twelve months as I concluded that I allowed all the other important things in my life to pale into comparative insignificance.  From November 2015 to October 2016, I overcame temptation to talk about dressing instead which proved invaluable in not doing so for that period.

However, on line chat helped me regain control, restart my crossdressing, top up my lingerie collection, explore my sexuality some more and perhaps most importantly of all – accept that genetics make me a crossdresser but in a world not yet able to accept it.

Welcome inside my closet. You have a key. Let yourself out when you are ready to go but lock the door behind you.