It was just another ordinary day and I was busying myself in the kitchen, having, earlier, pulled on some jogging bottoms but no undies because – well, just because.

I was in the kitchen having probably been intent on making myself some lunch or a drink – just a mundane moment.

Only it wasn’t. Sunlight streamed into the room as I stood at a stretch of worktop near the front window but with my back to it.

Suddenly, the significant other broke off from work on her laptop further down the room and approached me, distracting me from the intended tasks, feeling my naked bum through my jogging bottoms or rubbing my, by now, hardening, unrestrained cock.

Suddenly, with the blind still allowing sunlight to stream in and for any passers by to see, my jogging bottoms were pulled to the floor and she began working my cock to full hardness from behind taking full advantage of my moans of pleasure that arose from this unexpected moment.

Her thought processes turned to concluding a need for privacy and she broke off for a moment to pull the kitchen blind down, enveloping the room in partial darkness.

A hand returned to my cock and she continued to work. Struggling to stand, the palm of my hands went down on the worktop to steady myself. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had full control. She wanted to simply make me cum at her demand and continued to pump steadily and rhythmically with the aim to bring me off quickly.

After a few minutes, she sensed that my audible moans and body language meant that the cum was rising. Amid my mist and haze of pleasure, I could tell that she was contemplating whether to allow my streams of pent-up creamy semen to hit the work surfaces, cupboard doors and laminate floor before deciding against it.

Strategically, she continued to work with one hand whilst tightly cupping the other hand underneath my cock tip, and emptied me into it. I can still picture the scene now.

With that, she smiled seductively, dominantly and satisfactorily, cleaned up with some kitchen towel, a dislike for the taste of cum and an intent not to lower herself to take her sub’s cum, and merely resumed her laptop work, leaving me to clean myself up, pull my jogging bottoms back up again, pull myself together to a state of as much composure as was possible to carry on with what was originally planned, as the last remnants of cum oozed out of my unrestrained cock, dampening my joggers and dripping occasionally on to my legs.

Whilst she nonchalantly sighed with satisfaction, I was left contemplating another sudden FLR moment in my life – of the type that is becoming more frequent, yet, to her, merely something she felt like doing having used me at will.